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About our education

Education at the University of Humanistic Studies is personal, small-scale, and with a lot of variety. Students can attend inspiring lectures, but they are also offered seminars and classes, that are more interactive. They are trained to do independent research and especially during practicals, there is ample attention for their personal and professional development.

The strength of the education programmes is the interaction between theory and practice. Students not only acquire a scientific understanding of worldview-related questions and of the structure and nature of contemporary society, but also learn how to apply this knowledge practically. They learn how to support individuals in their pursuit of a meaningful life, and how to contribute to a more just and humane society. They are also trained to do research on a broad range of relevant contemporary issues, such as the future of our health care system, the increasing plurality of a globalising world, and existential questions raised by the increasing longevity of life after retirement (to name only a few).

During the education programmes, students are stimulated to think through their own ideas and actions. They not only absorb the subject matter offered, but develop practical skills and personal insights, as well as their own professional attitude. The methods used include practical training in listening and counselling, in interviewing and observation. Students also learn to debate and to work with portfolios and poster presentations, and internships are supervised intensively.

Graduates find jobs in the education and care sectors, with civic organisations and public authorities, in the media, in scientific research, and in the fields of policy and consultancy. Bachelor graduates can continue with the two Master programmes of our university or Master programmes at other universities. If they continue with the Master of Humanistic Studies, then they are also prepared for the profession of humanist spiritual counsellor in hospitals, prisons or the army.



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