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  • Els van Wijngaarden receives prestigious Erasmus Research Prize

    Els van Wijngaarden is one of the prize winners of the Research Prize awarded by the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation to young academic researchers in the humanities and social sciences. The Research Prizes 2017 were presented during a festive ceremony in the Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences on 11 May. Read more

  • University of Humanistic Studies again ranks highly in the National Students’ Survey 2017

    Students at the University of Humanistic Studies are overwhelmingly satisfied with their education programme; this is indicated by the results of the National Students’ Survey of 2017. For 14 out of 17 themes they assign their study programme a higher score than the national average of all universities in the Netherlands, just like in previous years. Especially the lecturers are appreciated highly. Read more

  • Meet and greet International Care Ethics Consortium (June 8)

    The International Care Ethics Research Consortium connects scholars who work in the field of the ethics of care and care theory. On June 9th, 2017 the first meeting of the Steering committee of the Care Ethics Research Consortium (CERC) will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands.On Thursday, June 8, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the University of Humanistic Studies, a Meet & Greet is organised with the attendees. It’s an excellent opportunity to broaden your network and discuss your thoughts on the ethics of care. We will serve drinks and small bites.More information Read more

  • Hanne Laceulle wins dissertation prize

    Het European Network in Aging Studies heeft dit weekend de dissertatieprijs toegekend aan Hanne Laceulle voor haar proefschrift over de beeldvorming over ouder worden. Read more

  • Dignity in dependence and emotional labour (Symposium 17th May)

    In a symposium om the 17th of May, we want to explore the emotional regime of current welfare state reform. The symposium 'Dignity in dependence and emotional labour' is organised by the University of Humanistic Studies and the University of Amsterdam. Read more

  • Recently published: Art of living, art of dying

    Talking about dying and death can be difficult for those facing the end of life. The book Art of living, art of dying of professor Carlo Leget presents a model and offers examples for discussing existential questions with patients receiving end-of-life care. Updating the Ars Moriendi tradition, this book offers a non-judgemental approach for supporting people through the spiritual aspects of dying. Read more

  • Conference graduate school on research practice and research methodology

    The Graduate School Conference 2017 on "The Role of Interaction in Research Practice and Research Methodology” will take place at the University of Humanistic Studies on April 11-12th 2017. Keynote speaker is prof. dr. Giampietro Gobo, research methodologist and sociologist at the University of Milan. ‘Interaction’ is a central theme in his methodological work and he will give two keynote lectures that deal with interaction in social research methods, embedded in a social and scientific critical perspective. Read more

  • Aging well: Becoming who you are

    In her dissertation, Becoming who you are. Aging, self-realization and cultural narratives about life, Hanne Laceulle addresses how dominant cultural narratives about aging and later life tend to identify aging with inevitable decline, whereas aging well is equated with staying young for as long as possible. Problematically, however, both decline- and age-defying cultural narratives about aging fall short of acknowledging the positive potentials of later life. Moreover, these dominant cultural narratives cannot provide us with the necessary resources to integrate confrontations with existential vulnerability in our lives in a meaningful way. Drawing on the rich philosophical tradition of thought about self-realization, critically exploring the value of constitutive ethical concepts like autonomy, authenticity and virtue for the context of aging well, this book suggests contours for alternative cultural counter narratives about later life. Through these counter narratives, older individuals are supported in the search for a meaningful age identity, whereas society is evoked to recognize its older members as moral agents of their own lives, and stimulated to include them as valued participants. Read more

  • PhD defence and book presentation ‘Ready to give up on life’

    Els van Wijngaarden recently completed her PhD research at the University of Humanistic Studies on the experiential world of elderly people who feel their life has reached completion. On Tuesday 22 November she will defend her thesis titled Ready to give up on life. A study into the lived experience of older people who consider their lives to be completed and no longer worth living. Read more

  • Free lecture by Nimrod Aloni on humanist education

    The lecture will deal with advancing the ethics of the educational profession into a more activist and sovereign stance, adhering to an updated version of humanistic education that is informed by classical traditions as well as modern and postmodern positions and practises. Read more

  • Book launch 'The Culturalization of Citizenship'

    Citizenship today is increasingly defined in terms of culture. Citizenship comes to depend more on adherence to national culture - norms, values, practices and traditions - and less on rights and socio-economic participation. But what does this culturalization of citizenship imply for human rights? A panel discussion to celebrate the booklaunch of 'Culturalization of Citizenship', edited by Jan Willem Duyvendak, Peter Geschiere and Evelien Tonkens. Read more

  • Perspectives on involuntary admission of patients suffering from Korsakoff’s syndrome

    In her PhD thesis Transcending Responsibility, Susanne van den Hooff describes the dynamic process of involuntary admission into long-term care of patients suffering from Korsakoff’s syndrome. She will defend her thesis at the University ofHumanistic Studies on 1 December 2015. Read more

  • January 25: Seminar on Care ethics and the body

    The Care Ethics Group of the University of Humanistic Studies organises a meeting of the Graduate School Research Network (before: CCC) on the afternoon of Monday January 25 . With a presentation by professor Maurice Hamington. Read more

  • Professor Wiel Veugelers receives award from Association for Moral Education

    Professor Wiel Veugelers recently received the Kuhmerker Carrer Award from the Association for Moral Education, for his work on citizenship education and moral development. Read more

  • 1 December: Seminar 'Toward a new Relationship between democracy and religious imaginaries'

    The background to and inspiration of this 12th Metamorphoses seminar is Carl Raschke’s recent book, The Force of God: Political Theology and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy (Columbia University Press 2015). Kurt Appel in his lecture will engage in a broader analysis of the mutual metamorphoses between religion and present day democratic societies. After both lectures there will be ample room for exchange and discussion. Read more

  • Graduate School Conference 4th and 5th November: Who is (rendered) responsible?

    On November 4th and 5th 2015, the Graduate School of the University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht, The Netherlands) will present a conference on responsibilization and dependency in a changing welfare state. With keynotes by Prof. Dr. Hanne Marlene Dahl (Roskilde Universitat, Denmark) and Dr. Thomas Briebiecher (Goethe Universität, Germany). Read more

  • Research Article on The Lived Experience of an Elderly Couple Who Chose to End Their Lives by Spousal Self-euthanasia

    Researchers from the University of Humanistic Studies recently publised an artivle on the lived experience of an elderly couple who chose to end their lives by spousal self- euthanasia in The Gerontologist. Until October 8, the article can be downloaded from the website, free of charge. Read more

  • October 26: Defense PhD thesis Jimmy Spire Ssentongo on pluralism in Uganda

    Monday October 26, Jimmy Spire Ssentongo will defend his PhD thesis Spaces for Pluralism in ‘Ethnically Sensitive’ Communities in Uganda – The Case of Kibaale District at the University of Humanisti Studies. Read more

  • October 19th: The opening up of the patient world; benefits of phenomenological research

    Humanisation is a focus in research activities of the University of Humanistic Studies and giving ‘choice and voice’ to patients in their own health care is an important aim from this perspective. However, not all initiatives employed contribute to a deeper understanding of patient perspectives. Reflections on humanisation in healthcare appear to touch on images of patients in use; for instance as consumers (economic emphasis), as citizens (political emphasis) or as vulnerable people. Read more

  • October 27: Seminar on Agonistics, Pluralism and Democracy, Perspectives from the ‘Global South’

    This seminar follows the PhD defense of Mr. Jimmy Spire Ssentongo on Monday October 26 and consist of a brief introduction, two presentations and a discussion with the audience. All UvH staff and students, as well as other interested guests are very welcome. Read more

  • August 27: symposium on nonviolence and ecology with Key Chapple

    On August 27, the University of Humanistic Studies organises a short symposium focusing on the relevance of nonviolence, specifically in relation to ecology and eastern philosophy, for Humanistic Studies. Keynote speaker is Christopher Key Chapple, Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Read more

  • August 26: Public defense of dissertation on nonviolence

    On the 26th of August 2015 Saskia van Goelst Meijer will publicly defend her doctoral dissertation Profound Revolution: Towards an integrated understanding of contemporary nonviolence, at the University of Humanistic Studies. Read more

  • Blog from the Summer School on Pluralism & Development in Indonesia

    The Kosmopolis Platform of the University of Humanistic Studies (the Netherlands), in cooperation with PUSAD-Paramadina and the Center for Religious and Cross-Cultural Studies of Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia), the Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice of the University of the Free State (South Africa), Azim Premji University (India) and HIVOS (Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries), has organized the 12th annual edition of the International Summer School on Pluralism, Development and Social Change in Puncak, Indonesia, from July 28 to August 13 2015. Previous summer schools took place in The Netherlands, India, Indonesia and South Africa. Read more

  • Citizenship and narratives, lecture by Helen Haste (Harvard University) on June 22

    'Why citizenship and citizenship education need narratives and narrative research' is the title of the lecture given by Helen Haste, Harvard University on Monday June 22. Read more

  • Dutch Higher education mission to Canada

    This week a delegation from Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences will travel to Canada for an education mission. The visit coincides with a trade mission and a state visit to Canada by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. Prof. Gerty Lensvelt-Mulders, vice chancellor of the University of Humanistic Studies, will represent our university and the so called NLU, a network of denominational universities in the Netherlands. Read more

  • Ready to give up on life: the lived experience of elderly people who feel life is accomplished and no longer worth living

    Els van Wijngaarden, PhD researcher at the University of Humanistic Studies, conducted and analysed 25 indepth interviews with elderly people who felt that their life was no longer worth living. This week, she will publish an article in Social Science and Medicine, together with scholars Carlo Leget and Anne Goossensen. Read more

  • Positive book review on ´Ageing, Meaning and Social Structure´

    In the January issue of the journal Ageing & Society (Cambridge University Press), Marvin Formosa of the University of Malta wrote a positive review on the book Ageing, Meaning and Social Structure, edited by Jan Baars and Joseph Dohmen of the University of Humanistic Studies and Amanda Grenier and Chris Phillipson: “This publication has much to offer to contemporary theorising and empirical understanding of what it means to grow old in societies experiencing a transition to a ‘late’ modern stage of capitalism.” Read more




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