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University of Humanistic Studies About our university Governance and organisation

Governance and organisation

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the highest governance body and consists of the rector and a second member. They are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, after hearing the University Council.

Rector Prof. Gerty Lensvelt-Mulders (photo).
Second member is Clemens de Waal, MBA.

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board is the statutory supervising body of the University of Humanistic Studies. The Executive Board requires the approval of (among others) the supervisory board for the strategic plan, the annual report and the annual financial report. The Executive Board keeps the Supervisory Board informed of important developments.


Dr B.E. (Lieteke)  van Vucht Tijssen (chair)
R. (Rien) Wijnhoven, MA (treasurer)
C.(Chris) J. Peels, LLM
M. (Marjan) Slob, MA
Prof. J.J. (Joop) Schippers

University council

The University Council is the central participation council, promoting the interests of students and personnel. The ‘U-Council’ offers solicited and unsolicited advice to the Executive Board, and in certain matters it has right of consent.

Members (personnel)

Roeland Troost (chair)
Anneke Maas 

dr. Fernando Suárez Müller
dr. Pien Bos
As from 1 september 2017 Anneke Maas and Fernando Suárez-Müller will be replaced by Maya Swaans en Alistair Niemeijer.

Members (students)

Thijs Koers
Abram Hart (until 1 september 2017)

Sylwin Cornielje
Margriet Minnema 
Robin Copier (as from 1 september 2017)



scientific staff

support and administrative staff

Humanism and Philosophy
Department of Education, Research, Valorisation
Practice Centre Meaning and Profession Citizenship and Humanisation of the Public Sector
Department of Governance & Management

Care Ethics
Globalisation and Dialogue Studies
Research Methodology and Theory of Sciences

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