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EDIC+ module: Theory and Practice of Citizenship Education: Teaching Democracy and Tolerance

University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht 

Module content

Teaching values and citizenship education becomes increasingly important in many countries all over our globalizing world. For teachers, curriculum developers and researchers it is important to learn more about possibilities to address moral values and citizenship in education. Therefore, this module focuses on knowledge of internationally different theoretical approaches, policies and practices of citizenship education. It builds on the recent study on how all twenty-eight EU Member States pay attention to democracy and tolerance in educational policy and practice (Veugelers, De Groot & Stolk, 2017). 

The module will be theoretical, comparative and practice-oriented and will help you in inquiring, designing and evaluating practices of citizenship education.  You will learn about citizenship education and specifically about democracy and tolerance in educational policy and practice by reading articles and following lectures. You will visit and interview an education expert in the field of moral or citizenship education.


The  module takes place at the University of Humanistic Studies Utrecht in the first semester (September-October)All Master or PhD-students specialising in the field of education can participate in this module. Here you can find more information about the module. 


For more information, please contact:

Isolde de Groot PhD 

Other teachers:
Prof. Doret de Ruyter

Prof. Gert Biesta

Dr. Wouter Sanderse

Dr. Isolde de Groot

Dr. Bram Eidhof