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Intensive programme

Annually there is an Intensive Programme (IP). Of each EDIC+ university three Master or PhD students specialising in education and two staff members can participate. Students have to participate for the whole programme. Grants that cover a great part of the travel and subsistence costs are available. In 2019 the IP will be at Aristotle University Thessaloniki in Greece from March 13th until March 23d


The topic of the upcoming IP is: Teaching and learning in culturally diverse schools and societiesAll the participating universities will give two lectures or seminars to present their focus topic under this umbrella. The lecturers presenting during the IP will also be leading the EDIC+ modules at their home universities. 

More information about the content of this years' IP will follow soon.

Student selection and preparation 

The selection of students will be done by the EDIC+ coordinator of each university. Only master and PhD students in the area of education can participate. Beforehand, students have to read literature, make a poster about their own research and create a joint presentation about citizenship education in their own country. Afterwards each student writes a paper.