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  • Call for applications: Summerschool 2015

    19 maart 2015 Call for application International Summer School Pluralism, Development and Social Change, Jakarta/Puncak, Indonesia, 30 July- 16 August 2015.

  • Changes in 2014

    30 december 2013 At the end of the year we look back on a productive year with intense study trips, the recording of a brand new podcast, the final Monsoon School in the Pluralism Knowledge Program, an exciting Hivos event, an inspiring seminar on secularism and many wonderful exchanges with people from Brazil, South Africa, UK, India, US, Indonesia, Uganda and other parts of our planet. We thank everyone for their contribution to our work in 2013. In 2014 Kosmopolis Institute takes on a new place within the University of Humanistic Studies. This means we will do some things a little different than before. We will also develop new activities and work more closely with our UvH colleagues. We are looking forward to new opportunities! Keep following us here, on Facebook and Twitter for the latest developments. Thank you and we wish you a bright 2014!

  • Congratulations, dr. Femke Kaulingfreks!

    26 november 2013 The staff members of Kosmopolis Institute wish to congratulate Femke Kaulingfreks with the successful defense of her Ph.D dissertation on the 25th of November. We are proud of our former colleague and praise her for her courageous and passionate approach to the topic of political exclusion and unruly youth.As planned, we intend to celebrate dr. Femke's success with a movie night next Thursday. Everyone is welcome to join. See this page for more information.

  • New podcast "Cultural Pluralism and Biodiversity. Rethinking Sustainable Development"

    9 oktober 2013 Kosmopolis Institute is proud to present a new podcast on sustainable development. Our director Caroline Suransky and senior fellow Henk Manschot worked together with Guido Ruivenkamp (University for Humanistic Studies & Wageningen University) on "Cultural Pluralism and Biodiversity. Rethinking Sustainable Development". In the podcast, Suransky, Manschot and Ruivenkamp explain how understanding cultural pluralism and biodiversity are at the core of sustainable development. They do this by referring to Bruno Latour's political ecology, and to matters of biotechnology and agriculture. The podcast is presented in three different but interconnected parts, which makes them easy to download. You can download the podcast here. Check out this YouTube video, in which the speakers introduce the podcast.   

  • The Hivos Open for Change event

    3 september 2013 Three days of international social innovation   From 10 to 12 October 2013, Hivos organizes Open for Change, an event on international social innovation, featuring change makers from around the world. Hereby we would love to invite you to come and join us these days in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.   At the Open for Change event we bring together global and national social innovators to share their stories, experiences and tools. Together, we will uncover unusual perspectives and reflect on what has worked – and what hasn’t – to mobilize people to play part in the change they want to see.   Social change towards justice and prosperity cannot do without openness. Yet openness and democratic institutions are no guarantee in themselves for equality and social cohesion. Issues of identity, societal norms and the question of whose voice counts characterize deep polarizations in our societies, whether in the South or the North. While openness in itself would be of great benefit to those suffering from social taboos, such as in the sphere of sexuality, dividing lines continue to exist and need to be addressed differently.   Innovative approaches are not only necessary, they do exist, too. Together, we will uncover triggers for change, discuss the tough dilemmas we face and share what we’ve experienced through ‘trial and error’ – from different local perspectives. Apart from providing a space for presentations, experiments and workshops, we aim to actively facilitate contact and inspiration between different stakeholders present during the event.   At the event, Hivos brings in partners and experiences from the Pluralism Knowledge Programme: an innovative collaboration between the Kosmopolis Institute and researchers and activists in India, Indonesia, Uganda, South Africa and the Netherlands, addressing issues of discrimination, pol

  • A celebration of 10 years of Summer School

    8 augustus 2013 Caroline, Henk, Ram and the Sweet Pluralism cake Today marks the end of the International Monsoon School on Pluralism and Development, in Bangalore, India. As this was the 10th edition of the Summer/Winter/Monsoon School the team of organizers and teachers (consisting of Ram from CSCS in India and Caroline and Henk of Kosmopolis Institute) was surprised by the students with a wonderful Sweet Pluralism Cake.   Caroline: "Our wonderful Monsoon Schoolers surprised us this afternoon with a cake in honour of 10 years of Summer-Winter-Monsoon School. It has been an amazing and enriching experience. Heartfelt thanks to all our 250 participants from all over the world and thanks to Hivos for making all this possible."

  • Adrian Jjuuko in the Netherlands for Gay Pride week

    3 augustus 2013 [3-8-2013]   It is Gay Pride week in Amsterdam. All over town debates, parties and other events are held to promote LGBT rights and awareness. The main event is the Canal Parade, which brings dozens of boats onto the Amsterdam canals and hundreds of thousand of visitors. Kosmopolis partner Hivos has teamed up with Human Rights Watch for the Wanted For Love campaign. They have invited four activists from different African countries to attend the festivities in Amsterdam this week.   Among them is our International Summer School participant of 2010, Adrian Jjuuko from Uganda. As director of the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum he has committed himself to advancement of human rights, including LGBT rights. He has been interviewed by Trouw, EenVandaag and various other media. Renowned photographer Erwin Olaf shot portraits of Adrian and the other activists Lame Charmaine Olebile (Botswana), Zanele Muholi (South Africa) and Anthony Oluoch (Kenya) for Volkskrant. In De Balie, dutch actors told the life stories of Adrian, Lame and Anthony. Adrian's story was portrayed by Roeland Fernhout. The four activists also take part in the Canal Parade on the Wanted For Love boat this Saturday afternoon.    

  • International Monsoon School 2013 Blogs

    16 juli 2013 This week the International Summer/Monsoon School on Pluralism & Development commenced in Bangalore, India. Participants from India, Indonesia, Uganda and the Netherlands will write blogs and our site will be updated on a daily basis. Please check this link for these blogs. Enjoy and do let us know what you think.

  • Verslag Solidariteitsdebat 14 juni

    19 juni 2013  Foto: Evert Vermeer Stichting   Op vrijdag 14 juni 2013 vond op de Universiteit voor Humanistiek het Solidariteitsdebat plaats. De Evert Vermeer Stichting (EVS) en Kosmopolis Instituut organiseerde dit debat om te verkennen wat de plaats van internationale solidariteit en ontwikkelingssamenwerking is in de wereld anno 2013. Journaliste Seada Nourhussen (Trouw) trad op als dagvoorzitter en de sprekers waren PvdA-kamerlid Marit Maij, Hivos-directrice Manuela Monteiro, politicologe Olivia Rutazibwa, auteur Hans Beerends, en Caroline Suransky en Henk Manschot van Kosmopolis Instituut. Daarnaast was er een belangrijke rol weggelegd voor het publiek.   Lees een verslag door EVS medewerker Jette van Ravensteijn en bekijk hier foto's van de middag.  

  • Funded PhD and post-doc appointments at the Centre for Higher Education and Capabilities Research

    14 juni 2013 At the University of the Free State, our partner organization in South Africa, there are several positions opening for funded PhD and post-doc appointments at the Centre for Higher Education and Capabilities Research. Please see .   Caroline Suransky, Director Kosmopolis Institute, UvH

  • Two new Pluralism Working Papers

    1 april 2013 Kosmopolis Institute and its partners in the Pluralism Knowledge Program are excited to announce the publication of two new Pluralism Working Papers.  The first new publication is an academic research paper 'Contesting Morality. Youth Piety and Pluralism in Indonesia' and is written by Mohammad Iqbal Ahnaf. The second, written by Vusia Santa Izama K, is a practice-based reflection named 'Managing Diversity in African Universities. Living and challenging difference on four Ugandan campuses'. Below are introductions to the texts by the director of Kosmopolis Institute, Caroline Suransky. You can find both publications here.   Contesting Morality: Youth Piety and Pluralism in Indonesia - Pluralism Working Paper no. 10 Mohammad Iqbal Ahnaf   Recent demographics show that Indonesia’s future could  well be shaped by a fast growing youth population. A government census  conducted in 2010, shows that over 60 percent of the country’s  population is younger than 40. At the same time, research suggests that  that the social landscape of the country is changing in favour of  religious conservatism. A number of surveys show evidence of youth  susceptibility to intolerant values and even religious radicalism.   Over  the past few years, several reports and workshops conducted by Gadjah  Mada University’s Centre for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies (CRCS)  in the context of the International Pluralism Knowledge Programme,  established that youth may indeed be a critical but often overlooked  segment of the population with regard to the experience of (religious)  pluralism in Indonesian society. Existing studies on the religious  orientation of the youth generally focus on students at university  level, rather than on thos

  • Call for applications: Monsoon School 2013 in Bangalore

    22 januari 2013 The Kosmopolis Institute of the University of Humanistic Studies in the Netherlands, in cooperation with Hivos (Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries), the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS, India), the Center for Religious and Cross-Cultural Studies (CRCS, Indonesia), the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) and the International Institute for Studies in Race, Reconciliation and Social Justice at the University of the Free State (UFS, South Africa) offers the 10th annual:  International Summer/Monsoon School: ‘Pluralism and Development’  Bangalore, India  15 July – 9 August 2013  We welcome applications from: Staff of civil society based organisations and Human Rights activists, policy makers and graduate students in India, Indonesia and Uganda who want to actively participate in the ‘Pluralism Knowledge Program’ Graduate students from the University of Humanistic Studies and the University of the Free State with an international study profile and a proven interest in globalisation, development and/or diversity issues The summer/monsoon school selection team seeks applications from practitioners and graduate students who are committed to further develop and integrate theories and practices of pluralism in their daily work and/or study. All participants are expected to conduct a self-designed workshop on their return to their home countries. Participants are encouraged to keep in touch with the knowledge program via the summer/monsoon  school alumni network after completing the course and engage in follow up activities.  Download the complete call for applications .

  • New publication: Mukono Conversations

    18 december 2012 In preparation for the final Pluralism Knowledge Program (PKP) conference in the Netherlands in 2013, Caroline Suransky, co-chair of the PKP, spoke to Zainal Bagir and Mustaghfiroh Rahayu (Indonesia), Emily Drani and John de Coninck (Uganda) and Ram Kakarala (India). In their conversations, they open ways to reflect on the pluralism program, its meaning and some of the highlights and difficulties they experienced along the way. The three conversations, which took place in Mukono, Uganda, offer a starting point for thinking about the content and objectives of the  ‘closing conference’ which will take place towards the end of 2013.  You can find the report here.

  • Annual report 2011

    19 maart 2012 Kosmopolis Institute's annual report 2011 is now available through this download.  

  • Public lecture on Power, Knowledge and Pluralism; Gaps, errors and ways forward

    12 januari 2012 Power, Knowledge and Pluralism; Gaps, errors and ways forward Public lecture with Professor Robert Chambers (IDS, Sussex) Monday January 23, 2012 17.00 – 18.30h, Centraal Museum, Utrecht On Monday January 23, Robert Chambers, world renowned international development scholar and research associate at IDS, discusses how power, professionalism, funding, methodologies and mindsets, influence and can distort and constrain the creation of knowledge. Examples will illustrate issues of whose methodologies, knowledge and knowledge creation count; of errors; of professional tunnel mining and systemic gaps in knowledge; and of revolutionary innovations. Ways forward will be proposed through pluralism, reflexivity in professional education, trust, methodological innovation, and transformations of power relations. The lecture will be followed by a panel discussions, facilitated by Professor Anita Hardon (UvA). Discussant is Wenny Ho (author of the think piece; Like Bridge over Troubled Waters). The lecture is organized back-to-back with the seminar The State of the Art on Knowledge Integration across Boundaries, organized by IKM Emergent and Hivos. The aim of this two-day seminar is to reinvigorate thinking about knowledge integration in international development together with scientists and practitioners from different backgrounds and regions . For more information and the think piece by Wenny Ho, see   Participation When: Monday January 23, 2012, 17.00-18.30h Where: Centraal Museum, Agnietenstraat 3, Utrecht Participation upon registration only Please register at

  • Expert Seminar on Pluralism, Bio-Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development

    12 december 2011 The Kosmopolis Institute of the University of Humanistic Studies in collaboration with the Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU, Kampala, Uganda), has organized an expert seminar on Pluralism, Bio-Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development on the 14th of December 2011. Within the context of the International Knowledge Program on Pluralism, two expert seminars are planned; the first one takes place in the Netherlands, the second one in Uganda (March-April 2012). Together, these seminars aim to provide: (1) an opportunity for knowledge sharing and dialogue by representatives from a wide range of organizations and institutes currently working on topics of cultural diversity and sustainable development (2) a platform to explore possibilities for further collaboration. Both seminars focus on the question: Can the link between (bio)cultural diversity/pluralism and sustainable development open new valuable perspectives on sustainable human development? Download the program of the Expert Seminar with additional information .

  • Interview with South African Exchange Students

    4 november 2011 Between September 23 and October 7, five students from the University of the Free State (UFS) in South Africa visited the University for Humanist Studies for an exchange program. At the end of their stay, Kosmopolis interviewed them about their stay and about their future perspectives. "After my visit to the Netherlands I am more confident with myself."The UFS students have diverse backgrounds. They have different skin colours and speak different languages​​. They also have very different schools of secondary education and study within different departments within the UFS. The program at the University of Human

  • Two New Pluralism Working Papers

    13 oktober 2011 Kosmopolis Institute recently published two new Pluralism Working Papers. You can download them here or visit this page for a full list of all Pluralism Working Papers.(new) no 8 | The Family: at the Heart of Managing Cultural DiversityConversations with 35 Ugandan leaders and rural women and menEmily Drani, Santa I Kayonga & John de ConinckAcademic research paper (2011) (new) no 9 | Pluralism, Civil Society and Subaltern CounterpublicsReflecting on Contemporary Challenges in India through the Case-Study of the Pasmanda MovementKhalid Anis AnsariAcademic research paper (2011)

  • Appreciation for Pluralism Tool Kit from An-Na'im

    23 september 2011 Kosmopolis Institute is happy to announce it received an appreciative e-mail from Abdullahi A. An-Na’im, an authorative scholar on (Islamic) right & religion, human rights and secularism for its work on the Pluralism Tool Kit. Read the e-mail below.Congratulations on the successful conclusion of your superb project, and thank you so much for sending me copies of your booklet and six case studies (Pluralism Tool Kit).   I am honored and privileged to have contributed to your groundbreaking thinking on these issues, and grateful that you are able to carry this work forward where it will make a real difference on the ground.   Warm regards and best wishes   Abdullahi A. An-Na’im

  • Hilde van 't Klooster leaves Kosmopolis Institute

    21 september 2011 After many many years at the University of Humanistic Studies... from Bachelor to Master student to researcher at the Kosmopolis Institute... Hilde van 't Klooster decided it was time for change and new challenges. She has left her job at the university and will sadly therefor no longer work for the Pluralism Knowledge Program. I think I speak for all of us who had the pleasure to work with her, that we will miss her very much.   She has done a tremendous job in Kosmopolis and in the knowledge program, ranging from organizing UvH student-events to editing the Pluralism paper series to conducting field research for the Pluralism Toolkit and much else.   Personally, I will miss her as my right-hand woman. Hilde began working with me as a young student-assistant after she had just started at the University for Humanistic Studies. From the start she has been a critical, eager, pleasant and very sincere collegue to work with. With her keen interest in social justice, politics and pluralism, particularly where it concerns the lives of refugees, I am convinced that Hilde will find a new working environment where she will be challenged to grow and flourish both professionally as well as personally.   The Kosmopolis Institute will soon start a search for her successor. Needless to say... that won't be easy. However, we are fortunate that she has agreed to become a Fellow of the Kosmopolis Institute, which means that she remains connected to our project.   I wish Hilde all the best and look forward to staying in touch with her in the next exciting phase of her life. &nbs

  • International Exchange Program: UvH/Kosmopolis – University of the Free State, South Africa 2011/2012

    7 september 2011 Update (20 September)Kosmopolis Insitute has designed an extensive and varied program for the South African students who will visit UvH (from September 23 to October 7). UvH students are cordially invited to participate in some of the lectures and activities organized. you will find a list of activities and courses which you can join.International cooperation between UvH and the University of the Free State (UFS), South Africa Last spring, Caroline Suransky worked as a visiting scholar at the 'International Institute for Studies in Race, Reconciliation and Social Justice' of the University of the Free State (UFS), South Africa. The following summer the annual international UvH / Kosmopolis Summer School took place as well. More information about this Summer School can be found here and on the website of the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (Hivos). In the spirit of internationalization, UFS & UvH are interested in further cooperation. The UVH has decided to participate in the Formula One Initiative, an international exchange program which was started by UFS in 2010. From the side of UvH, the program has been organized by Kosmopolis in collaboration with the education department. By participating, the UvH connects to a large international network of universities in the United States (including NYU, Stanford, Cornel), Europe (CE, Ghent University, American University Paris) and Japan (Tokyo University). All of these universities will receive a group of South African UFS students this year. The UvH will also participate in an international conference of this network in South Afri

  • Winterschool 2011 South Africa Blogs

    1 september 2011 The participants of the Winter School on Pluralism and Development wrote many blog entries during the program. One of the participants, Frank Nieuwenhuizen, compiled all the blog entries and included an introduction and a conclusive review by Arshad Amanullah.Download the Winter School 2011 Blogs .

  • New Director

    13 juli 2011 The contract between Hivos and UvH / Kosmopolis has been extended until December 31, 2013. In an era of financial cuts, which also strike at Hivos, this extension is a very good result and a token of appreciation for the work done by Kosmopolis. From the start of this new contract, Caroline Suransky will take over the position of director of Kosmopolis. Henk Manschot remains a senior fellow at Kosmopolis, with a focus on "human development and sustainable development". We thank Henk for his great commitment to Kosmopolis in his capacity as director, and we are pleased that his involvement will be continued.

  • International exchange

    13 juli 2011 The University of the Free State (UFS) in South Africa has indicated a desire for a cooperation agreement with UvH / Kosmopolis. One of the proposed cooperation initiatives is the participation of UvH / Kosmopolis in the international exchange program of UFS, which started in 2010. This program aims to equip undergraduate students for new forms of leadership in post-apartheid South Africa. To this end, undergraduate students follow an intensive program at various foreign universities, in which  they explore issues of racism, racial integration, racial reconciliation and social justice in an international context. In September, six UFS undergraduate students will come to UvH. In the autumn of 2012, UvH employees will participate in an international program on internationalization and international cooperation in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

  • Winter School on Pluralism & Development 2011 started

    12 juli 2011 The annual Winter School on Pluralism & Development started yesterday, July 11th. At the moment, participants from South Africa, Uganda, India, Indonesia and the Netherlands are working with the staff to generate new knowledge for the Pluralism Knowledge Program.Read more about the annual Summer/Winter School here.Interested in the participant's experiences? Check their weblog here.

  • Kosmopolis Annual Report 2010

    30 mei 2011 The Kosmopolis Annual Report 2010 has been published here. Read up if you are interested in our activities and contributions from last year!

  • Pluralism Tool Kit - Civic Reason and Cultural Legitimacy

    3 mei 2011 Exploring Strategies of Civil Society for Pluralism

  • New Sites of Social Transformation: Pluralism Working Paper

    5 april 2011 Pluralism Working Paper no 7